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4/21/14 - Nicki Minaj at ‘The Other Woman’ Premiere in LA.


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Trinity is the best lip sync queen to grace Drag Race and if you don’t agree you’re just simply wrong

She’s up there, but let’s not get too hasty now. Her best stuff doesn’t top Coco Montrese, or even that performance Dida Ritz did at the beginning of her season. 



Pop, Lock & Drop It | Huey

I used to think something was wrong w/ my CD cause of the way the song started off. Lol

Nicki Minaj @ The MTV Movie Awards iphone 5/5S/5C wallpapers by Minajxgaga. Suggested by Anon.

Please like if using :)

Downloads:(Raw wallpaper) - (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)


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Me when I see thots getting cuffed, and I’m just all single and shit. 

IG: soxfetch

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IG: soxfetch

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